“Secret Ingredient Sheds 1 Pound of Belly Fat Every 72 Hours”

What if I told you that you could lose SERIOUS weight by tomorrow morning, without changing your diet at all…

Would you believe me?

Surely, no weight loss program could cut the weight that fast without diet changes… right?

You’re right, no weight loss program could do that… until today.

See, nobody told you this, but a revolution has taken place in the weight loss industry.

And by visiting this site, you are now on the front lines.

And I guarantee you, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

This brand-new breakthrough in weight loss science was discovered in clinical trials, and when the results came in, the doctors called it nothing short of “miraculous.”

This discovery will be on the front pages of magazines and newspapers very soon, but it hasn’t hit the public just yet…

And There Are Powerful People Trying to Keep It Quiet.

Because this method is so effective, it could severely damage the multimillion-dollar weight loss industry.

They simply can’t compete with this solution that doesn’t require you to change your diet at all.

Think of all the businesses that sell pre-packaged meals for a profit. All gone.

Think of all the calorie-counting weight loss plans. All history.

Think of all the low-carb Paleo diets, celebrity food plans and all the other programs that make millions of dollars selling expensive diet books…

All a thing of the past, because they all require you to change your diet.

But once you know the solution I’m about to share with you…

You Will Never Need to Change Your Diet to Lose Weight Again.

In fact, changing your diet could do more harm than good in many cases.

This solution is especially effective for those over 40 years of age.

And people over 40 are a market that the mainstream weight loss companies desperately want to keep hooked on their products.

You have the money, and you’re willing to spend it on something that works.

And if word gets out about this weight loss “miracle,” you’ll never need to waste your money on their latest cardio gadget or trendy diet again.

Another reason this solution is kept secret?

Because it could potentially wipe out the threat of Type 2 diabetes.

Once administered, blood sugar levels normalize quickly and naturally, and doctors are often spellbound with our clients’ results – without even changing their diet.

And it all happens in a matter of weeks, even if they’ve been diabetic for decades.

Ending the problem of diabetes is also not something the massive pharmaceutical companies are crazy about.

These “Big Pharma” companies make 165 billion dollars on insulin pumps, glucose monitors, and pricey test strips every single year.

And all their profits could come crashing down…

When people find out how effective this incredible solution actually is.

It’s a solution I call…

“The Lean Belly Secret.”

And this secret is so simple: it’s just one special ingredient.

It’s inexpensive, organic, all-natural, and it has zero side effects.

In fact, it only has positive side effects: Boosting your energy, sharpening your memory, smoothing your skin, enriching your hair, and so much more…

This is a 100% scientific solution – lab-tested and peer-reviewed – that works with your body, rather than against it.

It naturally keeps your body healthy, free from diabetes and heart disease…

And melts off belly fat and fat from every other part of the body, like melting butter with a blowtorch.

A slim, sexy belly will be yours in a matter of weeks, without any stress to your body, and without trying to starve yourself or working out like crazy.

The “secret ingredient” is what your body has been asking for since you first started gaining weight — in fact, your body has been begging for it.

And once you try it, the weight that will fall off so quickly, it will shock you right out of your chair.

Imagine getting back the body you had when you were 21, and fitting into clothes you haven’t been able to wear in decades.

Your confidence will skyrocket, you’ll turn heads wherever you go, and you’ll never need to watch another weight loss infomercial or browse another website again.

Because you will finally know the root cause of your weight loss problems, which actually has very little to do with your diet.

It may sound odd, but as I’m about to show you…

Your weight gain has almost nothing to do with your diet.

Have you noticed that at a certain age – maybe in your 20s, 30s, or 40s – you started gaining weight  even though you were eating the same foods you always ate?

Ever wonder what exactly happened to your body that year that made such a nasty difference?

Maybe that “something” is the problem, and not the diet — because your diet didn’t change at all.

Here’s something else to ponder:

Ever see that guy you know, who eats whatever he wants, and never gains weight?

Or that skinny actress who gets caught by the paparazzi eating hamburgers and fries with an ice cream to top it off?

I just saw a video yesterday of one of the most desired women on earth. A singer you definitely know of.

And she was eating drive through from McDonald’s…

Here you are eating rabbit food, and practically collapsing on a treadmill because you’re so tired.

And she’s eating a cheeseburger with stick-like arms, a 24‑inch waist, and abs as flat as a board.

Ever wonder what makes her body different from yours?

Think she has a better metabolism?


Metabolism is just a side-effect of a deeper cause…

If you focus just on metabolism, you’re missing out on the truth behind what makes skinny people skinny.

There’s another factor — call it an ingredient — in the chemistry of their digestive system that makes them lose weight effortlessly.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible for the weight to pile on in the first place when this critical ingredient is present.

It’s an ingredient you had when you were born but have lost over time. It’s dried up.

And as a result, losing weight for you will always be an uphill battle, from now until the day you die.

Luckily for you, this ingredient can easily be replaced – for just pennies – if you only know where to look.

Once you have it working its magic in your body, you’ll process food just like those annoyingly skinny people do.

Just like a celebrity actor or musician - whether it be an Angelina Jolie or a Brad Pitt.

No matter how overweight you are now… it doesn’t matter.

The weight will literally disappear and leave no trace.

Your friends and family will be shocked, then jealous, then curious about how you did it.

But inside, where it really counts, you will be a different person.

Someone with the energy of a young lion and the self-esteem of a fitness model.

You’ll become one of those people who simply cannot gain weight no matter how hard they try…

No gyms.
No calorie counting.
No restrictions.

Now, is it healthy to eat hamburgers and fries every day with an ice cream cone to top it off?

No, it isn’t. We leave that up to your nutritionist or your naturopath.

This is purely a weight loss solution…

But what that will do for you is it will turn healthy eating, into a lifestyle you CHOOSE, not something you’re FORCED into just because you can’t fit into your pants or you’re on your way to Type 2 diabetes…

Healthy eating can become fun and natural for you, instead of a source of pressure and stress.

That’s the life we’d like to give you.

Choose to do it, or not do it: we put the control back into your hands where it belongs…

When you have the “secret ingredient,” you will lose weight regardless, even on your first night…

You simply won’t recognize yourself in the mirror after a week…

And your spouse will find it pretty damn sexy - it may just rekindle the spark that’s missing in your marriage…

Hi, I’m Tim Richards…

I know some of you have just accepted the fact that you’re carrying around 5, 10, 20, or 30 pounds of excess fat…

And I want you to know what a dire mistake you’re making.

I want you to know how high the stakes are…

Because I don’t want what happened to my family to happen to yours.

My family almost got torn apart because of stubborn belly fat…

This is my wife, Katherine.

Isn’t she beautiful?

What you don’t know about her is that she suffered a severe stroke on April 9th 2014, at just 35 years old.

If you find that surprising, I’ve got important news for you:

A stroke can happen at any age, to any personincluding you.

I’ll never forget the day it happened.

I’d just come home from soccer practice with my two boys, Marcus and Joey. Katherine was in the kitchen doing dishes.

When we walked in, she looked at me and said, “Honey, my arm is tingling…

She was calm. It didn’t seem like much cause for alarm.

I said, “just lay down, honey, I’m sure it’ll go away. I’ll take care of those dishes.”

So she laid down. But the tingling didn’t go away.

She told me it was getting worse, that it was creeping up her neck and hands. After a few minutes, she told me that she couldn’t feel her arm at all anymore.

She was starting to panic – and I was, too. As calmly as I could, I called 911.

As the paramedics were loading Katherine’s stretcher into the ambulance, I overheard one of them say the word stroke.”

My heart dropped, and I really started to freak out.

My wife is the pillar of our family and has been the love of my life since junior high.

She’s like a part of me – if anything should happen to her, I’d be half dead myself.

And I couldn’t even imagine raising our sons on my own.

I followed the ambulance to the hospital, and ran into the ER…

Only to see my wife totally paralyzed on her left side.

Her face was drooping, and she couldn’t move at all.

She looked so uncomfortable and sad.

She gasped, trying to say something to me. I leaned in close, and heard her whisper…

“I’m sorry.”

Yes, she said “I’m sorry” to me.

As if she had something to apologize for!

But I knew what she meant…

Her doctor had warned her that this might happen.

He’d warned her about strokes and heart attacks if she didn’t lose her belly fat.

Katherine, just before her stroke

See, the picture you saw above is what she looks like now, but this a photo of her a month before the stroke…

She’d tried so many diets and given up on all of them. The kids had started to call her belly fat “the pillow,” and I could see the hurt in her eyes every time they said it.

And every time another diet attempt failed, I could see her lose a bit of the zest for life.

No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t change her eating habits.

I’d find boxes of Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies in her hiding place in the top cabinet of the kitchen, half-eaten the day she bought them.

I thought that maybe she just couldn’t handle motherhood and her full-time job without those comfort foods.

Marcus is autistic, and I know that took a lot out of her…

But she still felt the need to say sorry.

It brought me to tears.

I want to make something very clear:

My Wife Almost Died That Day.

I almost lost her. Her kids almost lost her. Forever.

Most hemorrhagic strokes like hers kill their victims.

Extra belly fat causes strokes…

And Type 2 diabetes…

And heart attacks…

And cancer…

Especially if you’re over 40.

Your doctor will be the first to tell you the truth:

Your belly fat isn’t just an eyesore, it isn’t just unattractive…

It’s Dangerous.

So after she had the stroke, Katherine didn’t take her weight problem sitting down.

She took action.

She tried Weight Watchers.

She tried endless sit-ups.

She tried supplements.

She tried Insanity.

She tried P90X.

And guess what?

After all of that money, time and energy down the drain, none of these methods got her to her weight loss goals.

None of them came through on their amazing promises.

It’s no wonder she gave up - like millions of other Americans do.

They see no light at the end of the tunnel, they have no hope, especially when they’ve been burned by the weight loss industry so many times.

So you’re probably wondering how the “Secret Ingredient” got involved in all this.

It all happened after one particularly bad program left her with even more belly fat than she’d had going in.
So we decided to get away from it all.

My brother recommended an island in southern Asia called Sri Lanka.

It’s a beautiful country, with incredible beaches and sightseeing. It was the perfect place to recharge and lift our spirits.

But after a few days, we began to notice something truly strange…

NO ONE There Was Obese.

And this isn’t some poor, impoverished country: everywhere we went, the people had plenty of food.

They were healthy, happy, and they had no belly fat.

Katherine and I wanted to learn why, so we did a little research online and found out that Sri Lanka actually has the lowest obesity rate of any country in the world — even less than Japan and China.

But why is their obesity rate so low? And could we use their model to help us with our obesity problem at home and around the country?

This question became an obsession of ours.

We started to collect research papers from universities and governments studying why some countries are more obese than others.

And guess what we found?

We found that the Japanese eat more healthily than the Americans, but when taken as a whole, diet was not the number one factor in obesity.

In fact, diet alone could not determine who would have belly fat and Type 2 diabetes and who would not.

We found that many countries ate the same diet as we do, sometimes even worse, and had far lower obesity rates than we do.

We eventually found a study that shed some light on this.

It came from Kings University in the UK.

The researcher wanted to find out why some people can eat what they like and never get fat, while others pack on weight with every donut.

So the scientist tested that exact criteria…

She examined the digestive systems of 1,300 twins, since that’s the best way to rule out genetics as a factor. She divided the subjects into two separate groups.

Group A reported no problem with obesity regardless of diet…

And Group B reported very fast weight gain under the Standard American Diet…

And she found that a particular digestive enzyme was present in group A, and missing in group B…

No one had ever suspected this enzyme would be related to weight loss or weight gain.

Unfortunately, the study was abandoned because of lack of funding.

But the concept was revolutionary.

If this study was accurate, we now knew the “secret ingredient that has been making all the difference between the perpetually skinny and the perpetually obese.

The problem was that you couldn’t just take this enzyme in a supplement.

The people in the skinny group actually produced this enzyme in their own bodies in the perfect ratio to what they ate.

But I wasn’t ready to give up.

Discovering the impact of this enzyme was a game-changer!

After countless calls and visits to researchers at leading universities, I finally found someone who had the key…

The solution that would jumpstart your body’s natural ability to produce this specific enzyme, and do so rapidly.

He told me that this method had never been used for weight loss before, but that it couldn’t hurt to try.

I was so excited that I raced home to tell Katherine the good news…

“Honey, I have something that is going to blow your mind,” I said.

“You didn’t see another infomercial again, did you Tim?” She sounded skeptical.

I said, “No way. This is from Kings University. It’s good for your body, but even better for your weight loss…”

“And get this: you don’t have to change your diet at all.”

She said, “What? No diet changes? Sounds like hocus pocus…”

I knew this would seem too good to be true to her.

So I started to explain the difference in body chemistry between models and actresses who can eat whatever they want and the rest of us who can’t eat anything we want…

And the minute difference in a certain enzyme that’s present in their digestive process but missing from ours.

She said, “Ok I’m willing to give it a shot. What do I have to do?”

She was just about to make lunch, so I offered to make her a special meal and promised to explain everything while she ate.

She gave me a confused smile as I hurried to the kitchen.

After about 15 minutes, I handed her a plate with a sizzling grilled cheese sandwich.

Her eyes lit up, but she hesitated, “I’m watching my calories, Tim.”

“Kat, this is different. It has that ‘secret ingredient’.

“If the research is correct, all you have to do is eat it, and you’ll wake up thinner tomorrow.”

She ate every bite of that grilled cheese sandwich.

The next morning, I woke up to Katherine screaming from the bathroom.

I leapt out of bed, terrified of what I might find.

Had she fallen down? Or worse?

I threw open the bathroom door, and she was standing on the scale, grinning.

It was a shriek of pure joy.

“Honey, I got a tape measure and I lost half an inch in one day!!!

How is this possible? I ate the same foods I did before, and I didn’t exercise at all!”

She gave me a big bear hug and said, “I think you may have just saved this family.”

The next day we got a similar shriek, another half an inch was gone…

And the next day…

And the next day…

By the time the first month was over, she’d lost a total of 3 pants sizes!

She looked fantastic.

Her arm fat was gone, her neck fat was gone, her face looked thinner, she even had the beginnings of a six pack.

Every part of her looked better — even her hair was softer and more manageable.

And she had a certain glow about her that I’d never seen before.

When we went to the doctor for her checkup…

I Couldn’t Wait to Hear What He Had to Say

She waltzed into the exam room, and he was floored.

“Is this the same Katherine I treated a month ago for a stroke?” he asked.

She said, “Yes it is. But it’s a much  happier Katherine”…

Her blood work was flawless.

He used to tell her that she was in the early stages of diabetes. Now he said that blood sugar was totally normalized, with no risk of diabetes at all.

Her blood pressure was ideal. Her lipids, her white blood cell count, her cholesterol… all passed with flying colors.

Katherine truly was a new woman. The doctor said that she seemed like somebody right out of the box, with the bloodwork of an 18-year-old.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

She said, “never better, doctor, never better.”

I tried to explain the secret ingredient we were using, but you know how doctors often are – they don’t like taking medical advice from laymen.

He did say this:

“I don’t know what you’re doing Katherine, but whatever it is, just keep doing more of it.

Katherine walked out of the exam room grinning from ear to ear.

I gave her a big hug, lifting her off her feet.

“It’s so easy it is to pick you up now,” I told her. “You’re like a feather…”

My wife was finally out of the woods, thank God.

But You, As of Yet, Are Not.

So I have to be real with you.

I have to tell you that belly fat isn’t a game.

Belly fat is the enemy of your life, it’s the enemy of all your dreams.

You can lose it all in seconds, like my wife almost did…

And aside from the health problems, it can even break up your relationship.

If your partner loses that fire of attraction between you, or if you no longer feel comfortable in the bedroom…

It isn’t right, it isn’t fair, but we’re only human after all.

So ask yourself:

What’s your life worth to you?

What’s your health worth to you?

What’s your sex life worth to you?

What’s your marriage worth to you?

What’s it worth for you to not have to stick yourself with a needle every single morning and night, just to make sure you’re not going to go into diabetic shock?

What’s it worth to avoid cancer, radiation and chemotherapy

Losing your hair, experiencing constant pain day and night, never knowing if this day will be your last…

Really think about it…

Is it smart to keep ignoring your belly fat?

Is it worth it?

No, it certainly isn’t.

Remember, according to the studies, even 10 pounds overweight is too much. It’s equally dangerous.

If you want to live a free and vibrant life, where disease and death isn’t always lurking at your doorstep…

If you want to ensure that you never have to live with Type 2 diabetes, and all the painful finger-pricking and diet restrictions that come with it…

If you want to make the belly fat just simply disappear

Without changing your diet even a little bit…

Without expensive liposuction…

Without gadgets or gimmicks…

Even without any exercise…

If you want that…

If you have even an ounce of curiosity about what this might be…

You must finish reading this…

Because the Solution Is Right Around the Corner.

Belly fat almost took my wife’s life and left my children without a mother.

But from Great Pains Come Great Opportunities.

If this hadn’t happened to Katherine, I never would have discovered the secret to losing serious weight.

And let me tell you: losing considerable and measurable amounts of weight fast will be the most exhilarating experience you’ve ever had.

You’ll suddenly realize that losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Katherine and I now have that gift, and we want you to have it too.

The gift of a guilt-free, worry-free life.

Not to mention the gift of a sexy body…

Let’s face it, when you have belly fat — even just a little — you don’t feel sexy…

And that’s not good for your self-esteem. A sexy body makes you feel like a million bucks, no matter how un-superficial a person you might be.

Finally, with this secret ingredient we discovered…

You can have the sexy body that you – and your spouse – have always dreamed about.

It’s specifically designed to quickly carve out those love handles and shrink that belly fat like butter on an open flame…

And the secret ingredient has been kept secret for a very powerful reason: there are billions of dollars at stake here.

From the smallest supplement company to Weight Watchers, everybody is making money off your belly fat.

They’re making money off your fears and your inhibitions.

But what they offer simply doesn’t work — and oftentimes they know it doesn’t work…

Our solution works.

Just a few people in research labs at King’s University know what the secret ingredient is. They’ve even tried to share it with the major weight loss programs.

But the weight loss industry doesn’t want this secret ingredient.

Because it’s too effective.

They want you to keep buying their gadgets. They want you to keep buying their bland, frozen, prepackaged meals. They want you to keep buying their calorie-counting programs.

And this is simply not natural for the human body.

For example, let’s talk about lowering your calorie intake.

What do you think that does to your body?

How do you think your body reacts when it realizes it’s not getting as much food as it used to?

It panics!

Your body actually starts to store fat for the famine that it thinks is coming.

Calorie counting doesn’t come naturally to us, and it’s no way to enjoy your food.

Let’s take exercise as another example.

No matter what they told you, you know in your heart that the treadmill is getting you nowhere.

It’s healthy, everyone should do it, but endless cardio will not make you lose weight.

Because what do you think happens when you tax your body more than it’s used to?

Once again, the body panics…

It demands more food to keep up with the new burdens you’re putting on it.

You can spend hours on a treadmill, running at full speed, and drink a smoothie afterwards just to recover.

(Your body will tell you that need that smoothie, because you do.)

But guess what? That one cup of juice just eliminated all your calorie loss. And you are now in a net calorie gain.

In fact, studies show that you can’t lose weight by sweating it out.

Your body has to recover the lost energy somehow, so you give in.

So it’s like we’re living in this big matrix of lies…

Diet and exercise… Diet and exercise… Diet and exercise…
How many times have you heard it?
And yet there are so many skinny people who don’t diet or exercise, who eat whatever they want…
While you’re stuck on the rat wheel to nowhere.

All That Changes Right Here and Right Now.

You’ve just entered into the only weight loss program that doesn’t require you to do any of those things…

It’s 100% natural, all you need is the secret ingredient.

I’ll show you where to get it, and how to use it.

And yes, you’ll lose considerable weight… fast.


You’ll be shocked and amazed.

You may call it a miracle — which I don’t mind — but it isn’t.

It’s pure science… it’s just science that hasn’t been exposed to you yet…

You might be wondering…

How Much Weight Can You Lose with the Secret Ingredient?

Let me introduce you to Sarah Crandall and Mark Irving…

I specially chose them as examples because of how skeptical they were when they heard about this secret ingredient.

They said what I was selling sounded like snake oil…

By nature, I’m a massive skeptic, too. If I didn’t know the science behind it, if I hadn’t seen the results with my own eyes, I’d be saying the same thing.

So I had to twist their arms, but in the end…

They agreed to try the secret ingredient for one week…

Sarah Crandall weighed in at 188 pounds

She was depressed and dejected.

She took the secret ingredient on the morning of February 19th.

The very next day, she woke up and half an inch was gone.

That’s serious weight loss in one night – something no weight loss program in the world can claim…

By the end of the week, she’d lost two inches from her waistline.

Naturally, she asked for more of the secret ingredient, so we gave her a month’s worth to try.

And here’s where she is at day 30…

Here’s what she had to say:

“Tim, I never should have doubted you. I am addicted to Jelly beans and I never thought in a million years that I could lose weight without breaking that habit.

I still ate the same amount of jelly beans every single day, but I lost weight so rapidly it almost scared me.

My doctor couldn’t believe it, my friends couldn’t believe it, my family couldn’t believe it…

But my husband has the hots for me like he hasn’t had since we first started dating.

I’m on cloud nine. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life.”

And here’s what Mark Irving had to say…

“As you know Tim, I’m a Type 2 diabetic, or at least I was a Type 2 diabetic.

Then I found your product and thought, ‘No way is this guy for real – Half an inch in one night? No diet changes?’

Well guess what? He’s actually being conservative, if you can believe that.

I couldn’t. By the first week I’d lost inches. My pants were basically falling down and I had to get a new belt. By the end of the month, I was down 4 pant sizes.

I had my doctor check my blood glucose levels and he actually told me: “Mark, I’m seeing something that I shouldn’t be seeing. You have the readings of a non-diabetic. I can’t say for sure it’ll remain this way, but as of today, your diabetes symptoms are gone.”

Now I never cry, but when he said those words, tears rolled down my cheeks.

I couldn’t help it. This product is nothing short of a miracle.

And I can’t believe I didn’t have to change my diet to do it.
Just like you said – I’m now one of those people that just stays thin no matter what they eat.

Life’s never been better – I can go to the beach and take my shirt off, I can go hiking without losing my breath in the first 10 minutes.

This is how life was meant to be. And I owe it all to you, Tim and Katherine.”

You know what’s interesting?

Both of these case studies were people over 40.

Sarah was 45, and Tim was 42.

That’s a difficult age to for weight loss - your metabolism dies down, and losing weight seems almost impossible.

And we want you to know that we understand exactly what you’re going through.

And yes, the secret ingredient works from age forty to age ninety. In fact, it works even better for those over 40. But there are absolutely no age requirements to getting these incredible results.

And with this launch on the internet, we suspect we’ll have tens of thousands of stories just like these…

Because You Can Be Skeptical of Big Claims,

But Nobody Can Deny Results.

And that’s what we bring you, results.

We’re putting everything on the line for these claims - if we can’t deliver what we say we deliver, we’ll go out of business. It’s as simple as that.

We couldn’t believe anything could be so effective, and so totally unknown to the public.

This literally saved our lives, so we knew it was our responsibility to bring it to the masses.

Who knew how many more lives could be saved if they only knew about this miracle secret ingredient.

If only they knew about this special ingredient that can make anyone’s body function the same way a thin person’s body functions…

It would eliminate so much struggle for so many people - especially for those over 40, and especially for those with health challenges.

And health challenges are another reason that we know this secret will save lives.

So many people think a low-carb diet is the answer, but you’ve tried it, you probably already know how ineffective and dangerous it can be.

Carbs replenish your energy stores - cutting them out completely just makes you feel weak and even more hungry.

To make matters worse, a low-carb diet can give you heart palpitations, and actually increase your risk of heart attack.

When these diet changes are so impractical and so often dangerous, you need something that works with your existing diet.

So you won’t have to fight your natural impulses, and you won’t need the willpower of Superman to lose weight.

If you want slice of cheesecake, you have a slice of cheesecake.  If you want a donut, you eat a donut…

Your body will react the same way it does for so many models, actors, singers and celebs…

It just won’t matter - the fat on your belly will disappear, along with the fat on your legs, arms, neck, and back.

And that’s just the beginning.

Your joints start feel better, lowering your risk of injury and chronic pain. It’s going to be the most delicious relief of your life when you go for a walk without that excess fat putting strain on your joints…

Your sex drive will roar back to life like you’re in your early twenties again. Your wife or husband better get ready now.

Your skin will be Hollywood-perfect, and you’ll shine like the sun.

Improving Your Digestion Will Improve Every Aspect of Your Body’s Function.

You are finally giving your body what it’s always wanted, and your body will thank you with gifts you can’t even imagine.

You know how they say you are what you eat?

Well as it turns out, you are how you digest…

Ancient philosopher and scientist Maimonides knew this when he said, “the most critical part of your health is your digestion.”

Sometimes Numbers Aren’t Enough, Sometimes People Need to See to Believe.

And we get to see the results every single day, when our inbox is flooded with new pictures of the results…

We cherish each and every success story, because we know that Katherine’s stroke wasn’t for nothing…

Her stroke had a purpose. It was to revolutionize the lives of people all across the globe who need our help.

So if you think you’re too old to have a six pack, have a look at this photo:

This is Jim Akorn, on his 60th birthday.

Look how chiseled he is after taking the secret ingredient.

Do you think your wife might find those washboard abs a wee bit sexy?

Well that’s your future stomach if you stick with the Secret Ingredient.

I know you like the sound of that, so let’s get you started…

But first, we have to talk about the price for the secret ingredient…

See there is a lot more to know than just what the Secret Ingredient is and where to get it…

We built an entire home study program around the Secret Ingredient. We call it…

The Lean Belly Secret

This home study program is the product of two years of research, experimentation, and lab testing.

It’s easy to read, and once you go through, you’ll know absolutely everything you need to know to maximize your results…

How to get this secret ingredient for just pennies

Exactly WHY it works.

HOW it works best.

WHEN to take it (and when not to take it) in combination with the right foods…

How exercise plays into the picture

And so, so much more…

Every chapter you complete will make your results more effective.

They’re like building blocks for your weight loss - it won’t be complete if you miss even one chapter…

Now, we have to charge something for the program, or we’re in the red… but we aren’t in this for the money, either.
If we were, we’d go directly to big pharma and sell it for millions.

We’re in this for the people, and for the lives changed…

Which is why we wanted to choose a price that would be ideal for anyone’s budget.

But first, ask yourself…

How much will it cost NOT to have The Lean Belly Secret?

How much will it cost you to spend the rest of your life with diets that never really work?

How much do the failed gym memberships cost?

How much do the constant stream of gadgets, books and shakes cost?

And if you don’t break the cycle…

How much does diabetes and heart disease cost?

What all this means is…

The Lean Belly Secret is priceless…

So the real price is priceless.

But we can’t charge priceless, so I went to the experts.

I had my colleagues review the program for quality and comprehensiveness.

And they’ve told me consistently that this course is so innovative, so complete, and with such great customer support that it should not be offered to the public for less than $197.

But I didn’t like hearing that.

I know a lot of people out there are struggling, and $197 could break the budget for you…

So I ratcheted the price down from $197 to just $97.

I’m sure you would agree that $97 would be a very small price to pay for results like these…

We’re talking about just $97 for the ability to lose weight at a rate so rapid it’s mind-blowing…

Without changing what you eat in the slightest…
$97 to end the yo-yo dieting from hell.
$97 to end the scale anxiety.

That’s why $97 is the retail price for The Lean Belly Secret.


For the first batch of new clients, I wanted to do something special…

I wanted to lower the price even more.

To start this launch off with a bang, I want to take 60 dollars right out of my pocket and back into yours.

To make it easier than easy for you to get started revolutionizing your life.

So that brings your price to a grand total of just $37.

Not a penny more.

That’s a one-time fee. No subscriptions, no additional payments, it’s yours free and clear.

That’s $37 for a guaranteed end to all the pain you’ve experienced with your weight.

And when I say guaranteed. I mean it…

We’re so sure you’re going to succeed with this program, that we’re going to put our butts on the line with…

The strongest Satisfaction Guarantee in the business.

If you haven’t lost the kind of weight that blows your mind…
Let us know, and we’ll send every penny back.
If you’re not totally satisfied with any aspect of this program, no matter how small it is…
Let us know, and we’ll send every penny back.

No questions asked.

You know what that means?

It means you can’t lose.

It means this decision is a no-brainer.

It means if you do nothing you’re either losing out on huge fat loss success… or you’re losing out on a free course.

Because those are your only options here.

I know you’re eager to get started, but as thanks for reading this ‘til the end…

I Want to Add THREE Special Bonuses!


Secret Detox Cleanse

Now this bonus has to do with cleaning your body. And you should know, I’m really big on cleansing. It’s one of the best things you can do for your health…

But most people really over-complicate the process of a detox cleanse…

That’s why I created my Secret Detox Cleanse…

I’m going to show you a shortcut that anyone can use to get a premium detox without any hard work or painful diet restrictions.

This is a fun and easy-to-follow program that regularly sells for $97 on our website, it’s free for you when you order The Lean Belly Secret .

Then there’s…


Age Defying Secrets

Listen, I know when you start The Lean Belly Secret, the pounds will quickly melt away. 

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could also turn back the clock on how you look? In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to transform your body from the inside out.

That means you’ll INSTANTLY look like you’re 10 YEARS younger…

And I want you to have even more, that’s why I’m including …


My 27 Most Mouth-Watering Desserts

These are all your favorite desserts prepared in ways that make you actually lose weight… not in spite of them, but BECAUSE OF THEM.

You’ll get my secret recipe for a Chocolate and Peanut Butter Milkshake that will make your mouth water… and your waistline slimmer.

Plus, my secret recipe for “uber rich” pancakes that my entire neighborhood is trying to get ahold of…

These are guaranteed to be the most delicious recipes you’ve ever tried, as we’ve collected these from over 5 years of taste-testing before we put them in the program.

This regularly sells for $47 online, but right now, from this page only… I’m giving it away free to anyone who orders The Lean Belly Secret.
It’s coming time to decide…

Are you really serious about losing your belly fat?

Are you serious about having a body that you love seeing the mirror?

A body others admire, even envy?

Well if you are, then I think your next move has to be to get access to The Lean Belly Secret…

I want you to spend just a quick moment envisioning what you’ll look like in your dream body.

What’ll it be like to fit snugly into your favorite clothes you thought you’d never use again, looking good in absolutely anything you wear.

Now make that dream real…

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Because I can promise you, it’s here or nowhere…

Reaching those goals will never come faster or easier than this product we’re talking about right now.

You can search high and low online. (I’ll save you the time, I already have…)

You won’t find a program that lets you keep eating exactly what you do now, and still lose inches around your waist and a ton of weight

It just doesn’t exist.

There is no other diet that lets you stuff your face and still drop pounds like a bad habit…

So it’s time to snap up the best opportunity of your life.

Think about it, I’ve guaranteed your success.

That means once you say “go”, your struggle to lose weight is over.

Once you get inside it’s going to be my responsibility to make sure it works…

But you need to get started now.

Because every moment that you wait is a moment of struggle that you don’t need to have.

You don’t need to feel the shame of breaking a diet ever again…

You don’t need to experience the pain of another rebound…

You can get off that weight loss yo-yo…
You can end the cycle.

You have a dream body waiting for you inside…

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There’s no excuse not to do it…

We’ve made it easy, and we’ve made your success certain.

With our 100% guarantee, you don’t have an ounce of risk on your shoulders.

So here’s my advice: Don’t even say yes, just say maybe, and give your dreams a chance.

Everything is all set up for you in the member’s area. You’ll start losing weight immediately.

Do it now, because this opportunity won’t be here much longer…

See, success is easy once we get our fears and doubt out of the way.

This truly can be the day you turned it all around… 

Or this can be just another day.

I believe you know what to do.

There really is no other diet out there that lets you live your life how you want to and still lose weight all at the same time.

You have a new life waiting for you, and it’s just a click away.

Hit the button now…

I can’t wait to see you on the other side…

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If you’re still here, you might have some questions…

Well, we’ve got answers…

What am I buying? A DVD? A course? A book?

You’re buying an e-program i.e. a digital ebook.  You’re free to print it out and make as many copies as you want if you’d like to hold the information in your hands.

We sell a digital product rather than a physical book so we can keep our products affordable for you… and eliminate the shipping charge.

This also give us the ability to get the information you’re looking for instantly rather than having to wait 3-5 days during which people often lose interest.

Is my purchase secure?

Absolutely. We use the same 256-SSL bit technology that is used by national banks. Your personal information is encrypted and private.

What if I’m over 60 Can This Really Still Work For Me?

We have people in our program from ages 16 to 97, postpartum women and those born obese.  And all get results…and results they find hard to believe…

This solution takes advantage of changes in body chemistry that work at every age group.

Is The Lean Belly Secret hard to follow?

As my clients will gladly tell you, The Lean Belly Secret is the easiest diet they’ve ever tried.

And it’s as easy as it is fun.

We’ve spent two and a half years testing this system on men and women from all walks of life to ensure this process is the simplest ever released.

The reaction we most often receive is “I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, but the weight is coming off”

And that’s what The Lean Belly Secret is all about. :)

How Often Can I Cheat?

There is no cheating! Because it’s not a diet!

Whatever your diet is. It what is stays as.

Most people would never believe a diet like this could make you lose weight, until they try it.

That’s thanks to the cutting-edge science behind the program.

Now that you know what you need to know, you’re ready to take action.

So don’t let this go another second…

This can be the day that changes everything, or it can be just another day…

Just decide…

You have no idea how much fun you’ll be having inside…

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60-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee